The South Africa story by Annemarie Kuus

Inspired by the textures of the CAES collection and the day-to-day life in South Africa.

Photography Annemarie Kuus
Model Jade Paul 
CAES Core Collection garments

Shot in Durbanville and Cape Town.

Women we admire # Mariana

For over twelve years family-run Portuguese company TMR has been producing clothing for clients worldwide, switching to concentrating on working with sustainable labels for the past 4 years.

With a focus on integrity in all aspects of the business and a high degree of quality, they have been producing the clothing for CAES. A model of adaptability, TMR has weathered the pandemic relatively unscathed and can teach us about how the future of fashion production may look.


Women we admire # Chef Nana

With a beautifully considered approach to food, Chef Nana or Naiara Sabandar, embodies the title of culinary artist. Her culinary concepts are informed by a rich experience of travel and having lived in Los Angeles, Stockholm and Amsterdam.


Women we admire # Kitty Callaghan

A Renaissance woman, Kitty Callaghan lends her discerning sensibility to her roles as PR coordinator for cult fashion label Ellery and contributing editor at Russh magazine as well as to her artwork. In addition to a myriad of creative endeavors, she has become known for her vintage-inflected style and fiery locks.


Women we admire # Stanislava Pinchuk

Stanislava Pinchuk is a multi-disciplinary artist, most known for her pain-staking work in data-mapping the changing topographies of war and conflict zones. Her large-scale drawings have been collected and supported by museums such as the NGA, NGV and the Musée des Arts Decoratifs.


Women we admire # Almut Vogel

Almut Vogel is a German fashion stylist and emerging ceramacist. With styling clients including Cos, Strenesse and Rimowa and work with photographers such as Amira Fritz, Thomas Lohr and Kate Barry, Vogel has crafted an enviable career. Her work is characterized not only by its elegance and balance, but also with its quiet sense of joy.


Women we admire # Sara Bro-Jørgensen

A calming presence, bubbling with dynamic talent: Danish knitwear designer Sara Bro-Jørgensen has worked for powerhouse labels Burberry and Calvin Klein. Her graduate collection from the RCA in London garnered acclaim and was snapped up by influential fashion boutique Sister in Tokyo. Most recently, she collaborated with CAES consulting the knitwear pieces for their first collection. 


Women we admire # Marissa Mooiman

An experienced brand strategist with a love for nature: Marissa Mooiman is a freelance brand consultant embracing a slow living lifestyle. As a hands-on creative thinker, she helps clients develop plans across all disciplines to bring out their full potential. Most recently, she joined forced with Wil + The People as a brand & sales coach. In her spare time, Marissa contributes to the online platform “April & May” to share personal experiences through her favorite creative outlets, writing and photography. 


Women we admire # Yokaw Pat

A beautiful soul and a joyful eye for art and aesthetics: Yokaw Pat is a true renaissance woman. Besides working as a make-up artist and influencer, she also writes passionately about food and accompanies her articles with her own exquisite photography. 


Women we admire # Mabel Pols

Mabel Pols (founder of STUDIOPOLS) is a visual artist and designer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Influenced by her fashion design and design history background, in her work she tries to find balance crossing the thin line between art, design and object. 

While Mabel has a passion for traveling, she loves to be in and around the home. She considers the home the most authentic, relaxed and personal place where people surround themselves with meaningful objects. 

 Her designs are often created with different homes and interiors in mind. Inspiration for the abstract and figurative art-works is drawn from the female body and organic lines, in relation to colour, form and surface.’